Валерій Вікторович
Черняков Валерій Вікторович
ВО "Свобода"
Ticket number
Faction membership
ВО "Свобода"
Phone: (044) 255-38-76
email: [email protected]
Other MPs

CHESNO Movement asks MPs to provide their biographies, lists of consultants and addresses of public offices. Also CHESNO struggle to find this information in media.

Information about MP's consultants is hidden
Biography not provided on appeal
Public offices
No information about MP's public offices
2012 declaration [+]
2011 declaration [+]

CHESNO Movement set percentage of the parliamentary sessions and committees meetings which was visited by MP (also added sessions missed due to illness or official trip), and the number of meetings at which member was absent for unknown reasons.

Attended of sessions:
Committees attendance*:

* According to the minutes of the meetings of Committee VII convocation obtained by Movement CHESNO as of November 7, 2013

CHESNO Movement uses information obtained directly from the very persons whom it concerns, in response to a request to the public authority or collected exclusively from open public sources.